Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Walk, hike, jaunt, march, pace, parade, promenade, ramble, saunter, schlepp, step, stretch, stride, stroll, tour, traipse, tramp, tread or CLIMB.

We can't stress enough the amount of walking you will be doing on a daily basis, and Eloise was correct that an average day consists of seven miles.  Us lazy Americans walk mostly from our door to car and back so it's a good idea to start walking as much as possible to ensure you get to see as much of the Italian cities during your trip.

My wife Krystin and I were being stubborn and wouldn't take the metro in Paris and ended up walking 26 miles around the city one day.  It's safe to say we slept very well that night.
And we shouldn't forget to also mention the strenuous climbs you might encounter up to your room with luggage.  (notice those extra comfortable walking shoes)
The picture below is of the hike you'll be doing in Cinque Terra...

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