Friday, January 13, 2012

Check out for last year's temperatures in the cities we'll be visiting.  Click here to see last year's average temperature for Rome - 74 during the day and 50's in the evening.  Or as you will see in Europe, a high of 22 and low at 10.

This is of course Celsius and there is an easy conversion method that your chemistry teacher never told you about.  I never listened in science class when it was time to talk about kilometers, grams and Celsius, but here are a few shortcuts to come close enough.

When converting Celsius to Fahrenheit, just double the number and add 30. It’s not exact, but close
enough to know if it’s hot enough for a t-shirt and shorts. For example, if the newspaper says the high
in Rome is 27 C, double 27 and add 30.

27x2 = 54   54+30 = 84 F

It works the other way when trying to tell someone you meet what the weather is like where you’re
from. If the spring in your town is around 64 F, subtract 30 and cut it in half.

64-30 = 34 34/2 = 17 C

A kilogram is close to two pounds. When buying meat at the market, about 125 grams is equal to
1/4 pound, which is a healthy portion for a meal for one.

One kilometer is equal to 0.6 of a mile, so five kilometers is roughly three miles, or if it's easier to calculate, just think of a kilometer as about half a mile.

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